Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Right Here, Right Now

It has been a while, little blog. A long, long while. Many books were read, many cups of tea drained.

Currently I am sitting in by Russian Absurdism class, "Nonsense and the Absurd". It started out so well! Long lectures on Alice in Wonderland, Edward Lear, and Gogol. Now we're learning about Russian Futurism and I am incredibly, incredibly bored. I haven't done the reading in days, but that's not entirely my fault--the professor completely changed the syllabus, and then never made it clear what any of the changes meant. I'm pretty sure what I need to read for next class, though, so hopefully that will go well. I'm not sure if my boredom stems from the Russian Futurists themselves, or just that I have been so busy these few weeks I never mentally engaged with the topic. It may be a bit of both. Victory over the Sun isn't exactly an edge-of-your-seat read.

Otherwise my life is generally occupied by Homebody/Kabul, the simply amazing Tony Kushner play I am dramaturg for this semester. I enjoy that; it is beautiful to sit and listen to the actors bring each word to life. I answer their questions, or spend hours researching in order to answer their questions; either way I like that I can contribute while sitting back and relaxing.

Speaking of research, I still need to decide on a topic for my Cold War research paper. I've narrowed it down to student protest movements, but not much further than that. I'm vaguely interested in learning more about the sexist underpinnings of SDS and other organizations of the Movement, but I'm a bit worried it will make me too angry. Then again, anger is a good motivator.

So that is my life, such as it is right now, as I sit in the dark listening to my professor and his excellent deep Russian accent.

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